InstMC's quarterly magazine, Precision, explores the world of engineering helping members to stay informed.


Precision offers reviews and opinions from experts in the field and presents technical articles related to measurement and control in an easy-to-comprehend style. The journal is circulated to our +3000 members four times a year, and shines a spotlight on current topics, developing technology and member-related news.

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Measurement and Control Journal


Measurement + Control is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes practical and technical research from both industry and academia. Whilst focusing more broadly on topics of relevance for practitioners in instrumentation and control, the journal also includes updates on both product and business announcements and information on technical advances. Measurement + Control aims for the middle ground, for balanced, objective contributions pitched at a high technical level and of significant interest to the non-specialist.


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InstMC - Past Presidents Biographies - 1944 to Present

InstMC has produced a “Past Presidents” document in tribute to the 75th Anniversary of the Institute of Measurement and Control, formerly known as the Society of Instrument Technology.


This document is publicly available but is prohibited for commercial use and its content is subject to change with intended future revisions.


To view or download a copy, please click here. Please continue to check back here for updated versions.