InstMC's quarterly magazine, Precision, explores the world of enginnering - helping both engineers and affictionados stay informed.

We dwelve into current issues within the profession and present technical articles related to measurement and control in an easy-to-comprehend style. This coffee table style magazine will be circulated to our 3500 members but will also aimed at anyone interested in the various uses of measurement and control.  use of measurement and control in the world today. 

Four times a year, members will receive a printed edition of the magazine that turns the spotlight on the most controversial topics of the moment.


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Measurement and Control Journal

InstMC publishes a peer-reviewed practical and technical research and news pieces from both the science and engineering industry and academia. Whilst focusing more broadly on topics of relevance for practitioners in instrumentation and control, the journal also includes updates on both product and business announcements nd information on technical advances.

Measurement + Control is neither a "learned" journal nor a commercial trade publication. Measurement + Control aims to bring to measurement and control engineers a balanced, objective collection of contributions pitched at a high technical level (but without the detailed content of a "learned" paper) and of significant interest to the non-specialist.

The Journal aims to cover, over time, all technical and professional matters of concern to those involved in the field of measurement and control. It is published ten times a year.