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Get Involved With Us

There are many ways that Members and interested parties can volunteer and take part in the activities and governance of the InstMC.


Local Sections

All members are encouraged to join a Local Section close to them. Local Sections have their own committees and governance structure. They undertake a number of activities, including networking events, technical seminars, site visits and socials. Local Sections also feedback to Council and the Trustees on the views of the members. Visit Local Sections to see what sections near to you are doing, and how to take part. If there does not seem to be a Local Section near to you and you would like to start one, please get in touch with Head office and we can support this.


Special Interest Groups

The InstMC currently has 7 Special Interest Groups, that bring together members and non-members with a particular shared interest to share their knowledge and provide services to the membership. The activities and focus of SIGs varies from group to group, but include working on international standards, developing and publishing best practice guides and briefing notes, putting on technical presentations, writing and sending white papers to government. Membership of the SIGs is open to all, and you can find out more about the groups and their activities by visiting Special Interest Groups.


Professional Registration Committee

The PRC oversees the regulation and management of individual registration activities in line with our license from the Engineering Council. Members of the PRC oversee all applications for CEng, IEng, Eng Tech and EurIng. There is also the opportunity to be a Professional Review assessor, who interviews and assesses new applicants for registration. If you are interested in joining the PRC, please contact or use our contact form.


Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee oversees the regulation and management of the Institute’s Accreditation of courses, in line with our license from the Engineering Council. Members of the accreditation committee assess university courses for accreditation, as well as overseeing the endorsement or approval of IPD schemes, and short courses. If you are interested in finding out more about the Accreditation Committee, please email or use our contact form.



Membership of Council is made up of the Chairs of all the Local Sections as well as “ordinary Members” elected from the membership. Elected terms are usually 3 years, and when a vacancy is due to become available, all Members and Fellows of the Institute are invited to submit nominations. Successful candidates are chosen by the vote of the eligible membership.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of; President, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, three Vice Presidents, one Local Section representative and one Council representative.

President, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice president positions are open to any Members or Fellows and are chosen by a vote by the eligible Membership following a shortlisting procedure based on detailed role descriptions. When these positions are due to become vacant all Members and Fellows are invited to apply.

The Local Section Representative and Council Representative are chosen by Council from amongst their membership.



InstMC publishes a quarterly magazine, Precision, which explores the world of engineering and helps keep our members informed.

Precision offers reviews and opinions from experts in the field and presents technical articles related to measurement and control in an easy-to-comprehend style. We are always on the lookout for fresh, exciting content, so invite you to submit your ideas.  If you are interested in writing an article, please contact or use our contact form.