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NMSA launches beta testing

The National Metrology Skills Alliance (NMSA) - a special interest group which was an off shoot of the Measurement SIG - has completed their core standard, which will seek to create a framework that ensures metrology staff are competent to a recognised specification. Alpha testing has been completed and they are moving into beta testing. 

If you would like to learn more or take part in testing, more information can be found on the NMSA SIG page:


Measurement sig newsletter

The November 2022 newsletter from the Measurement Special Insterest Group has been published. Overviews from the three current working groups are presented, providing updates on their work and future activities.

The document can be found here: November 2022 Newsletter.


UK Measurement strategy

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has recently published the UK Measurement Strategy 2022 (December 2022). The strategy to support, develop and exploit the National Measurement System (NMS) in the 2020s and beyond is presented, with a particular focus on three major challenges.

The document is available for download from the UK Government website and can be found at the following link: