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Students & Awards


Cheques to “InstMC Certificate of Excellence Awardees” at 2021 University of Sunderland Graduation Ceremony Hong Kong at KITEC on 12th December 2021

Photo: Ir Prof L LOCK, VP, InstMC presented a InstMC HK cheque and a InstMC Certificate of Excellence to the Awardee

Paper Award Prize Presentation as Co-organizer

Date: 26th August 2021

Venue: The HKIE

Photo: Ir Dr G TSE, Chairman, InstMC HK & VP, InstMC, the Awardee of Outstanding Award & Ir Prof L LOCK, Hon. Advisor, Paper Award Prize Presentation & VP, InstMC



Names of Awardees

Year of Award
Ir Prof E LOCK 2021
Ir Dr G TSE 2020
Ir Prof L LOCK 2013