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RFSE Requirements & Application Process

Do I qualify?

Applicants must meet the following:

  • The applicant shall be a member of InstMC and shall be registered with the Engineering Council at IEng / CEng Level via InstMC or another UK-PEI.

    N.B. It is recommended that any non- registered engineer wishing to apply for RFSE should first seek registration as IEng / CEng.
  • Demonstration of at least an aggregate of 3 years' diverse and direct experience in functional safety matters at a professional level.
  • Demonstration of a comprehensive knowledge of related standards and good practice in functional safety.
  • Demonstration of ongoing (not prospective or historical) and competent engagement with functional safety matters at a professional level.
  • Demonstration of Continuing Professional Development specific to functional safety.


How do I apply?

  • Click the 'Apply now' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Submit an extended CV with a specific focus on experience within functional safety, together with a statement of competence & commitment.
  • Provide testament from a proposer and referee. Proposer should be a registered engineer.


What happens after my application?

  • We will check IEng / CEng registration.
  • Panel peer will review your submission.
  • Professional Review interview will follow. (Interview will only be undertaken if submission is considered at first sight to meet the criteria. Interview may be waived if demonstration is so comprehensive that the panel considers qualification to be self-evident.)


Terms & Conditions

The qualification will stand as long as:

  • registration is maintained
  • the registrant abides by relevant PEI codes of conduct
  • a satisfactory CPD record is submitted every 3 years
  • there is no evidence conflicting with the presumption of continuing competence & commitment
  • the annual subscription fee is paid.

Apply Now for RFSE Registration