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The Standards SIG provides a forum for members who wish to take part in discussions on the standards environment, participate in the development of new standards or the maintenance and updating of existing standards. The SIG also aims to promote knowledge sharing relating to measurement and control standards, including those relating to smart manufacturing and IoT. The SIG was formed from the former Standards Policy Panel.

InstMC is a nominating body for BSI standards committees and as such is represented on several of them. It also has members on other external bodies in furtherance of its aim to influence and promote its views regarding measurement and control. The SIG is very keen to expand its services to members and invites those who work with standards or wish to know more about standards, to consider representing InstMC on a BSI committee.


Members & Leadership Team

The SIG is overseen by a Steering Committee consisting of the chair, a vice chair, a secretary and three additional core members. Other members may be asked to join the committee for specific functions such as web master, marketing, training and so on. The SIG also has representatives from the other SIGs to report of standards activities in their area of activity.

The current officers are as follows:

  • Chair – Navdeep Mehay
  • Vice chair – Martin Bragg



The main scope of the Standards SIG is to participate in the production of new standards, the review of existing standards and to disseminate information about all aspects of standards to members. In order to participate in standards production, the SIG reviews and nominates committee members for BSI and other standards bodies.



  • To consider standards directives and codes of practice covering measurement systems, automation systems, control equipment, control software and security related equipment and software; to comment, when appropriate, on any standards policy issues received by the Institute
  • To provide a forum for the development of proposals promoting improved efficiency in standardisation procedures
  • To co-ordinate the views of interested parties on the need for standards and their relative priorities
  • To submit proposals accordingly to the British Standards Institution (BSI); to accelerate the publication of drafts; to publish lists of standards and codes of practice
  • To ensure that the Institute is represented on BSI committees with which it shares matters of interest; to liaise with and monitor the activities of the other bodies in the field when appropriate
  • To maintain a list of experts who can be called on to represent the Institute to the media, government and others
  • To liaise as appropriate with other InstMC SIGs, through nominated members of those SIGs
  • To promote continuing professional development of SIG members
  • To organise SIG domain events (e.g. Conferences, workshops, training courses, exhibitions)
  • To prepare papers for publication. These may be self-initiated, by agreement with other SIG or Local Sections, or by co-sponsorship with other bodies where appropriate
  • Communicating information to Institute members in a timely manner is essential and social media platforms are also used to do this
  • Develop and use appropriate tools to store SIG information and for communication within the SIG e.g. MS Teams


Get Involved

The Standards SIG exists for the benefit of its members and membership is free to all current members of InstMC. The only other requirement is a willingness to collaborate where a potential exists for mutual benefit. 

For more information on InstMC membership, see

Knowledge sharing is key. The Standards SIG website is the conduit for making contacts and a MS Teams group is available for member-only content.