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Accreditation determines the technical competence and integrity of an engineering degree programme against national and international standards. Accredited engineering degrees assure the efficiency and validity of processes, confirms accuracy and traceability of measurement, proves impartiality and delivers confidence. InstMC reviews an engineering degree programme against the defined standards set by the Engineering Council and Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB).

Accreditation of university degree programmes may be carried out by one or more PEIs (Professional Engineering  Institute). Universities may approach InstMC to seek advice and prepare submission documentation. Several PEI’s may join together to co-accredit your course and your choice of PEI should be relevant to the engineering discipline. InstMC has a successful record of working alongside other designated PEI’s in the accreditation process.

Why choose the InstMC?

We are one of leading professional engineering institutes in the fields of instrumentation and control. We promote the future of automation, measurement and control. We facilitate the sharing of expertise and support the advancement of engineers and technologists at all levels through career development and training. Our members are from a host of wide ranging industrial backgrounds - oil and gas, transport, chemical, nuclear power, cyber security, intelligence and astronomical exploration.

Process of accreditation:

  • Universities make an application by completing an initial submission data form

            For UK Submissions

            ACCRED 3.1 Initial Submission Form.

            For International Submissions

            ACCRED 3.2.1 Initial Submission Form International.

  • Submission documents are requested and approved by the InstMC Accreditation Committee
  • A visit date is agreed for a panel of assessors to inspect and tour the facilities
  • The panel of assessors will appraise the academic programmes from the setting of standards, suggesting improvements and finally engaging in a decision making process about whether to confer accredited degree status
  • Following the visit, universities receive a detailed report of requirements and recommendations
  • The period of accreditation is five years and a re-application should be made twelve months before the expiry date
  • InstMC do not currently charge for degree programme accreditations

The accreditation visit will ensure that the course learning outcomes are aligned to standards for accredited status. The Accreditation Committee consists of leading academics in the engineering field and industry professionals.

Is my degree accredited?

Undergraduates and graduates may verify that their degree is accredited by searching on the Engineering Council website:

All degree programmes listed in the database are accredited by intake date. The database also lists recognised (approved or accredited) apprenticeships and qualifications.

The public, potential students, their advisers, universities, government, regulators, HE funding agencies and the engineering and related professions all benefit in various ways from the accreditation system operated by the engineering profession.


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