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Future events

21st February 2023:  Small Molecule API & PAT - Mary O'Gorman, Pfizer Cork, Ireland

March 2023:  Verification of Dynamical Systems: Behavioural assurance problems systems and control - Dr Vassilios Tsachouridis, Collins Aerospace, Applied Research & Technology, Ireland.

19th April 2023:  Robotic Knot in Pan Gallego – Miguel Vilariño Orgeira, Galicia, Spain.


Past events

February 2021:  Dr. Josh Reynolds, TeV Gamma Ray Astronomy - from dustbins to Dark Matter.

May 2021:  Stephen Collins, Air Quality Instrumentation - How to Measure a Ball of Smoke.

Due to the global pandemic, all events were held online. It is anticipated that this delivery mode will continue into the future because of the section’s geographical area.

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