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Welcome & About Us

Welcome to the Anglia Section home page. We hope you will find here the information you need about our section, our program of events and our officers and committee. Our meetings are open both to members of the Institute and visitors, we invite you to come and share with us.

For in-person meetings, our usual meeting venue is :- .

Here you will find information about:

  • The region we cover and our membership
  • Our officers and committee members
  • Companion Companies in our region
  • Other engineering institutions in our region
  • Herts Area Instrument Engineers social activities


Region Covered and Membership

The Anglia Section of the Institute of Measurement and Control covers a large geographical area, comprising most of East Anglia and the Northern Home Counties. We have members with addresses ranging from the coast of Suffolk to as far West as Reading and from Slough as far North as Peterborough. Our area now also includes some of the region previously served by the Essex & North Kent Section.

The region covered by the Anglia Section comprises the following counties


















The present membership of the Section (at November 2023) is 94