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Register of Explosive Atmospheres Engineers

Register of Explosive Atmosphere Engineers

The following engineers have, through peer review, satisfied the requirements for the InstMC qualification ‘Registered Explosive Atmosphere Engineer’. These requirements include demonstration of competence & commitment:

  1. Registration with the Engineering Council as CEng in demonstration of professional competence in accordance with UK-SPEC. This in turn is held to demonstrate underpinning knowledge and understanding (UK&U) and a commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  2. Demonstration of at least an aggregate of 3 years’ diverse and direct experience in Ex matters at a professional level.
  3. Demonstration of a comprehensive knowledge of related standards and good practice in Ex matters.
  4. Demonstration of on-going (not prospective or historical), and competent engagement with Ex matters at a professional level.
  5. Demonstration of Continuing Professional Development specific to Ex matters.


Surname Given Names EngC Reg No. (or=) REXE Reg No.

 Date of Registration

Morriss Peter 082915 24/001 10/05/2024
Wilkinson Nathan 656962 21/001 06/09/2021
Dearden Harvey 331365 19/002 30/10/2019
Tack Jason 634361 19/003 27/11/2019