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Special Interest Groups



Measurement is at the centre of the InstMC stands for. High quality measurement and analysis provides the essential information required for decision making in process control, manufacturing and most areas of our lives. The Measurement-SIG was an obvious choice for a Special Interest Group and was therefore set up in 2017 to provide direction and leadership in this important area.


Members & Leadership Team

The Measurement SIG is made up of a Chair, a Deputy Chair and a Steering Board (SB), which is composed of members from a variety of corporations, institutions and government. The current leadership comprises:

  • Chair - Jeremy Stern
  • Deputy Chair - Claire Elliott

The Steering Board was chosen to include as wide a range of sectors as possible and also as wide a range of skills as possible in order to provide a sufficient breadth of knowledge and ideas for all of the topics which would be tackled by the M-SIG. Where required, the Steering Board will co-opt other members of the InstMC to provide expert advice and guidance.

The SIG align its work around a number of core projects that have a Project Leader drawn from the Steering Board and teams made up of a wide variety of individuals from across InstMC membership and beyond. These project leaders form and then lead Working Groups (WG) tasked with achieving agreed outcomes by the Steering Board.



To be a cross-sector group delivering improved implementation and understanding of robust and reliable measurement and associated best practice.



The principal objectives for the Measurement SIG are:


  • Dissemination of the importance of, and the opportunities within, the world of measurement
  • Pioneer professional recognition and training frameworks for those involved in measurement at every level


  • Facilitate development and alignment of present and future measurement/data technologies to measurement challenges


  • Support the InstMC Standards SIG by identifying present and future gaps in measurement standards
  • Facilitate collaborative creation of practical standards to enhance measurement capabilities


  • Alignment with the strategic objectives of the Institute and other related working groups
  • Provide impartial advice and objective comment on measurement related matters


Get Involved

The Measurement SIG exists for the benefit of its members and membership is free to all current members of InstMC. The only other requirement is a willingness to collaborate where a potential exists for mutual benefit. For enquiries about the work of the group or about membership, please contact the address below.


For more information on InstMC membership, see