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Membership FAQs

How do I join the InstMC?

Visit Join the Institute and complete the online application form, providing the requested supporting documentation.


What level of membership do I qualify for?

Please refer to our Membership Checker.


How much does membership cost?

Download the InstMC Annual Subscription Fees document.


I used to be a member; how do I rejoin?

If it is less than 3 years since you left the Institute, please email or call the membership department on 020 7387 4949 to discuss rejoining. If it is more than 3 years, you will need to complete a new application here.


What categories of membership does the InstMC offer?

We offer the following membership grades: Fellow (FInstMC), Member (MInstMC), Associate, Affiliate and Student. You can use the Membership Checker to discover the right level of membership for you.


I don’t have an accredited degree, can I still join the InstMC as a Fellow or Member?

Yes. We can accept a combination of other qualifications and/or relevant experience at graduate level. For more details visit our Membership page or contact


How do I get a receipt for my membership subscription?

You can download your receipt by logging into the Members Area and visiting your profile page.


What is my membership number?

Login to the Members Area. Your membership number is displayed below your name on your profile page.


How do I pay my subscription?

The quickest way to pay your subscription is to visit the Members Area and pay by credit card. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer. Bank details appear on your subscription letter sent from the InstMC. You can also set up a direct debit paying in one lump sum, three parts or 12 monthly payments.


Do I have to be a UK citizen or UK resident to apply for membership?

No. Membership is open to anyone who meets the qualifying professional and educational criteria.



Professional Registration FAQs

What is professional registration?

Professional Registration is a means of demonstrating your professionalism to employers, showing you are committed to maintaining and enhancing your knowledge, skills and competence. The InstMC is licensed by the Engineering Council to award Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Engineering Technician (EngTech).


What level of registration do I qualify for?

Visit our Professional Registration page to find out the qualifying criteria for CEng, IEng and EngTech.


How do I apply and what is the assessment process?

To obtain Professional Registration, you must be a member of a recognised professional engineering institute. As an InstMC member you can apply through the Members Area, completing the necessary forms and supplying the relevant supporting documentation. Your application will be processed and will undergo a professional review of which the final stage is a Professional Review Interview carried out by two suitably experienced and qualified assessors. Interviews are normally not required for EngTech but may occur if requested by the Professional Review Assessors or the Professional Registration Committee.


How long does the process take and what is the cost?

The application review process requires a number of checks and assessments and, due to the exacting nature of these, your application can take a few months. The actual duration will be dependent on factors such as how complete the application you submit is, whether your application is via the Individual or Standard route, assessor availability, referee response time in providing a reference, etc. There is a £75 application fee for IEng and CEng and a £35 application fee for EngTech.


How do I transfer my Professional Registration from another institution?

You will need to first become a member of the InstMC and then complete the Form MEMREG 8.5 which can be found in the members area of the website.



General FAQs

I’m not receiving any email communications from InstMC. What do I do?

You may have changed your contact preferences. Please log in to your profile in the members area and tick the relevant box. Please also check that we have the correct contact email address for you by getting in touch with


How do I change my personal details?

Login to your profile in the Members Area and make the necessary amendments.


What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

Click the ‘Member Login’ button on the Homepage. Next to ‘Forgotten your password?’ click the ‘Reset it’ link and you will be emailed the option to set a new password.


How to do I change my Local Section?

Visit your profile page by logging into the Members Area. Select the Local Section you wish to join from the drop-down box. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button to finish.


How do I join a SIG?

Login to the Members Area and select all the SIGs you wish to join from your profile page. If you would like to join a SIG committee or Working Group, please visit Special Interest Groups and contact the relevant SIG Chair.


I no longer want to receive emails from my SIG. How do I remove my name from the group email list?

Update your preference in the members area by deselecting the relevant Special Interest Group.


How can I volunteer for the Institute?

Visit Get involved with us to find out the many ways you can volunteer and participate in InstMC activities, or get in touch through our Contact Us form.