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Special Interest Groups

Cyber Security


The Cyber Security Special Interest Group (CyberSIG) began life in Jan 2021 and has grown exponentially.

Cyber Security and Industrial Cyber Security are hot topics as the threats increase and the impacts become more understood. 

 The CyberSIG covers all of our Measurement and Control Industries and aims to drive the future of Cyber Security in all its aspects and help our members, and wider industry, with the rapid and broad ranging changes in this field.


Members & Leadership Team

The principals who have worked on the CyberSIG to date are committed to working collaboratively, with a non-partisan approach.

The CyberSIG reached nearly 300 new members this year. Some seasoned professionals with decades of experience and some complete “newbies” reaching out to learn from others.

The CyberSIG has members in all forms of Industry, Vendors, Integrators, Academia and Government.

The members deliver the vision working across four areas of interest: leadership, infrastructure, skills and research & development.

The CyberSIG was an active contributor to the creation of the UK Cyber Security Council in 2021.



The CyberSIG will drive a cohesive approach to the future of Cyber Security as it evolves and to meet the emergent needs and challenges of industry.



The principal objectives for the CyberSIG are:

  • Developing a conduit to co-ordinate Cyber Security and act as the Voice of industry across all sectors
  • Devising mechanisms to raise the level of Cyber Security Skills for Industry and the Institute
  • Ensuring an appropriate Cyber Security Infrastructure to meet current and future industry needs
  • Developing co-ordination in Cyber Security Research, particularly focusing on emerging, as yet unanticipated, needs
  • Developing and sharing Cyber Security and Industrial Cyber Security Best Practice
  • Considering sustainable models through which to deliver the above initiatives, which might be a tangible or virtual Centre of Excellence or some other mechanism


Get Involved

The CyberSIG exists for the benefit of its members and membership is free to all current members of InstMC. The only other requirement is a willingness to collaborate where a potential exists for mutual benefit.

For more information on InstMC membership, see

Knowledge sharing is key.  The CyberSIG website is the conduit for making contacts and a SharePoint site will soon be available for member-only content.  Members will also receive a quarterly round-up of CyberSIG news, including interest articles, best practice, case studies, standards updates and innovation.