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Welcome & About Us

Promoting for public benefit the advancement of science, practice of measurement & control technology and its application in the North of Scotland.

We warmly welcome non-members (including students) and existing members to our meetings, please feel free to talk to us if you are considering InstMC membership & professional development.  We can help with the process as well as provide advice on the path to registration. 

If you would like to be added to our news and events email distribution list or have a Technical Topic idea for our technical meetings , please contact our events team –



Chairman - Sandy Leitch

Chairman Designate- Paul Furze

Treasurer- Vacant

Honorary Treasurer - Martin Roberts

Programme / Events - Lindsay Scott, Bob Moncur, Mark McPhail

Communications Officer  - Nehal Hye

CPD/Education Officer  -  Myles Gowan, Craig Johnston

Student Liaison*  - Emma Young, Chris Niemi

SPE Liaison*  - Chris Niemi,  Paul Furze

Dinner Chair - Paul Furze

Dinner Sub Committee - Duncan Hutton, Sandy Leitch, Mark McPhail, Bob Moncur ,Martin Roberts (support when required).

Committee Members - Kevin Todd, Tom Murray, Brian Donaldson