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Past Events




CIE - Technical talk

"Balancing Resource Efficiency and Climate Change" 

The video from Graham Hillier's lecture on "Balancing Resource Efficiency and Climate Change" can be viewed here -->     VIDEO                       

and Graham's slides

can be viewed here -->   SLIDES                     IOM3 | Cleveland Institution of Engineers (CIE) 


Feb 2023 CIE  - Technical Talk

 "Tees Valley Industrial Cluster"



April 2022 InstMC North East Section - Technical Talk 
Reactive Technologies - Inertia Measurement of the UK National Grid
Despite the subject being  about the electrical  power  grid and problems it encounters as a result of going green.

It is a very  interesting and informative talk. explaining how a simple measuring technique can be utilised to Measure, Monitor, Analyse and Control the power generation system across the whole country.

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 Mar 2022  CIE  - Technical Talk

The development of rail steels throughout the history of the railways

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Nov 2021 - InstMC North East Section - Technical Talk
An Introduction Steam 


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April 2021 - CIE - Technical Lecture

"Achieving ALARP with Safety Instrumented Systems. What does that mean?"


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Feb 2020 Teesside Section - Technical Talk
ATEX "Where Are We Now"

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Jun 2020 Webinar
Gas measurements from shipping containers

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May 2020 IMechE -Tech Talk Webinar

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Sep 2019 Teesside Section – Technical Talk
Human Factor 'The Smiler Accident'

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2012-16-17-19 Joint Teesside & North Lincs Brewery visit.
Fermentation Control

Click  Brewery Visit pt1 to watch

Click  Brewery Visit pt2 to watch

Click  Brewery Visit pt3 to watch

Click  Brewery Visit pt4 to watch

Four different breweries over 4 different years.

Each explaining the science of fermentation, control and brewing.

Why there are so many types of beer and how they are made.

Hope you enjoy watching them.



Apr 2016 Teesside Section - Lecture
Ground and Space-Based Observatories

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Feb 2016 Teesside Section - Technical Talk
Control Valve Design and Selection

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Sep 2015 InstMC Teesside Section -Technical Talk
How do I know my DP Flowmeters are working correctly? 

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Feb 2015 InstMC Teesside Section - Technical Talk
An Interesting look at the problems with using and charging Electric vehicles.

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Nov 2014 InstMC Teesside Section - Technical Talk
DEEP OCEAN Cable and Pipe Laying
How undersea cables are laid.

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Nov 2013 InstMC Teesside Section - Technical Talk
Plant Simulators for Risk Assessment &  Optimisation
Use of plant simulation to test plant operation to its extreme.

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Apr 2012 Teesside Section – Technical Talk
 - Non-Electrical Equipment

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Mar 2012 Teesside Section – Technical Talk
DART - Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination

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May 2011  Teesside Section – Technical Talk
Flammable Dust - What Does It Mean?

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Feb 2011 Lecture
Some Lessons From Buncefield

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Nov 2008 InstMC Teesside Section - Technical Talk 

RFID Operating principles of Radio Frequency Identification.

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Oct 2008 InstMC Teesside Section - Technical Talk
FDT Technology
Digital Communication with plant equipment using Hart etc.

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Nov 2006 InstMC Teesside Section - Technical Talk
Carbon Dioxide Transportation Infrastructure.

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