Flow Measurement Institute Merges with Institute of Measurement and Control


21 February 2018


Flow Measurement Institute Merges with Institute of Measurement and Control


The Flow Measurement Institute (FMI) has merged into the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) to create a new Flow Measurement Special Interest Group (SIG).


The FMI was founded by NEL and Coventry University in 2014 and has more than

550 members from across the world, including oil and gas operators, manufacturers, academia, service companies and laboratories. The FMI’s core goal is to help companies compete in the global marketplace by driving flow measurement developments that deliver against future challenges. This vision will be significantly enhanced with the support of the InstMC, including further opportunities to contribute to standards bodies, education, technology development and government policy.


Patrick Finlay, Chief Executive of the Institute of Measurement and Control, said: “Until the FMI was established four years ago, the global flow measurement industry was fragmented, with no single organisation having the resource to address evolving R&D challenges. The InstMC’s newly created Special Interest Group will build on the FMI’s strategic plan to ensure that R&D and standards development is driven by the needs of industry. Its cohesive approach will deliver one voice from a diverse range of talent across industry and academia, and develop a flow measurement infrastructure that helps companies across the world compete more effectively.”


The fast pace of scientific and industrial advancement has placed significant demands for innovation in flow measurement. In response, the Flow Measurement Group will continuously review the future priorities for flow measurement research and infrastructure, with end-users, instrument manufacturers, regulators, trade bodies and research associations, across the wide breadth of flow measurement applications. By providing an information source, which everyone involved in flow measurement can access, as well as leading collaborative, industry-wide initiatives, the Flow Measurement Group will be the catalyst for addressing global flow measurement innovation priorities.




About the Flow Measurement Institute

The Flow Measurement Institute exists to drive a cohesive approach to the future of flow measurement science and infrastructure to meet the emergent needs and challenges of industry. Founded in 2014 by NEL and Coventry University, the FMI has more than 550 individual members who are committed to working collaboratively, with a non-partisan approach. The core goal is to catalyse action to meet the current and future flow measurement needs.


About the Institute of Measurement and Control

For over 70 years, the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) has been committed to promoting the professional excellence and standing of engineers and technologists at all levels in the automation, instrumentation, control and related industries. Its aims are to serve the public benefit by advancing the science and practice of measurement and control technologies and their various applications, to foster the exchange of views and the communication of knowledge and ideas in these activities, and to promote the professional development and qualification of our members. The Institute, founded in 1944 and incorporated by Royal Charter is 1975, is therefore both a learned society and a professional qualifying body.


For more information please visit: https://www.instmc.org/Special-Interest-Groups/Flow-Measurement


About NEL www.tuvnel.com

NEL is a global centre of excellence for flow measurement and fluid flow systems and is the National Measurement Institute responsible for the UK’s National Flow Measurement Standards. As an international technology services organisation and provider of pipeline fluid management services to the global petroleum industry, NEL has an impressive track record in the development, design and application of new technologies.


NEL is a trading name of TUV SUD Ltd, a company of the TÜV SÜD Group, an international service organisation with over 24,000 employees in more than 800 locations worldwide.


About Coventry University www.coventry.ac.uk

Coventry University (winner of The Times Higher Education Awards: University of the year 2015) is forward-looking, with a proud tradition as a provider of high quality education and a focus on applied research. Its students benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in all academic disciplines, and it hosts three national Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning which has enabled it to invest substantial sums of money in a range of fields, including Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics.


For further information, please contact:

Sarah Miles

Blaze PR

07500 042587



InstMC Measurement Special Interest Group Launch

A new special interest group (SIG) of the InstMC has just been formed – focussing on Measurement. The Measurement-SIG (M-SIG) is a cross-sector community of individuals, with a common interest in promoting good measurement practice, on behalf of the Institute. The M-SIG is also now, the body that provides objective comment on measurement matters for the Institute.

The vision of the group is to be a cross-sector group enhancing implementation and understanding of robust and reliable measurement, and associated best practice.

The group have defined their aims for the first year, and plans for the longer-term. These can be found on the dedicated web pages.

If you have an interest in promoting good measurement practice, or ideas of how this message can be spread across (and inside) the engineering sectors, please do get in touch.

              Click here to view the M-SIG online pages, and for contact details.

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