InstMC Measurement Special Interest Group Launch

A new special interest group (SIG) of the InstMC has just been formed – focussing on Measurement. The Measurement-SIG (M-SIG) is a cross-sector community of individuals, with a common interest in promoting good measurement practice, on behalf of the Institute. The M-SIG is also now, the body that provides objective comment on measurement matters for the Institute.

The vision of the group is to be a cross-sector group enhancing implementation and understanding of robust and reliable measurement, and associated best practice.

The group have defined their aims for the first year, and plans for the longer-term. These can be found on the dedicated web pages.

If you have an interest in promoting good measurement practice, or ideas of how this message can be spread across (and inside) the engineering sectors, please do get in touch.

              Click here to view the M-SIG online pages, and for contact details.

IoT Can Help Save Lives

IoT Can Help Save Lives
By Inderpreet Shoker
Accidents like the Grenfell Tower fire, keep happening across the globe. It is unfortunate that, in 2017, when we are at the cusp of a digital and industrial revolution, we have failed to effectively use the technology at our disposal. Accidents like these, compel us to review and improve not only the existing technology and its implementation; but also associated regulations, policies, and enforcement.

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