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Practical Engineering Education Conference - PEE22

Practical Engineering Education Conference - PEE22

Call for Abstracts

Practical Engineering Education Conference - PEE22

Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield

12th & 13th September 2022

This conference is for educators looking to share their experience of innovation in practical teaching and academic leaders considering how to revitalise practical teaching within their curriculums.  It will explore the learning and teaching that happens when students get hands on with tools and equipment.

Call for Abstracts:

This year, the organisers are keen to create a conference that is more interactive and provides greater opportunity for workshops and networking. They would like you to submit an abstract about the work you wish to disseminate, and once collected, will decide how best it can be presented to make the best use of the time the delegates have together. Presentations from students as well as education staff are welcome.

Deadline for submissions is 31st May.

Submit your abstract here

The conference will consist of exhibitors, industry experts, guest speakers, discussion panels, presentations, networking events and practical workshops and demonstrations.

For more information on the event, visit PEE22 Conference

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