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Infection Resilient Environments: Time for a major upgrade

Infection Resilient Environments: Time for a major upgrade

New report published

According to a report published this week by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC), the Government must seize the opportunity created by the Covid-19 pandemic, to ensure long-term improvements to infection control are made in commercial, public and residential buildings. In the event of another severe pandemic during the next 60 years, the societal cost to the UK could equate to £23billion a year, according to an economic assessment that informed the report. Improving ventilation, air quality and sanitation in buildings could minimise transmission, reducing the number of people infected, thereby saving lives and reducing ill health and its societal impacts.

This work should be realised through sweeping reforms to building policy and standards ensuring the delivery of infection resilient environments is aligned with government policy around creating safe, sustainable and accessible buildings, the report stated.

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