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Quality in Higher Education: Perspective from Stakeholders

Quality in Higher Education: Perspective from Stakeholders

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InstMC Learning and Engagement Talks Programme

We are pleased to announce that the third talk in the series takes place on Wednesday 08 February, 3 - 4pm.

Talk synopsis

Ensuring a quality education in engineering in the Higher Education sector is no one-tracked activity. The study of engineering involves a multiplicity of stakeholders, that together build up the multifaceted perspective of this academic and practice oriented field. In this talk, Mariam Makramalla will bring together the complexity mesh of these stakeholders in an attempt to unpack how one monitoring and evaluation framework can address the intertwined stakeholder relationship

About the speaker

Mariam Makramalla is an engineer by training and an educational scholar who is actively engaged in researching questions of perceptions about the ethos of the study of engineering across cultural boundaries.

As well as being alumni of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University, she is also a member of the American Society for Engineering Educators, a network that supports research into curricular development in the study of engineering.

  • Online event

  • Wednesday 08 February, 3 - 4pm

  • Ticket holders will need Teams to access this event

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