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The calendar lists all the technical lectures that have been arranged for the local section. If you have ideas for any additional events, please contact David Green 

Our annual dinner is held in the centre of Manchester each October and caters for over 300 guests. Please contact Stuart Wilson if you would like details on the event or would like to enquire about tickets.

Our technical meetings are curently held at Yokogawa UK Ltd, Stuart Road, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1TR Map

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On 4th September, Central North-West Local Section held one of its monthly technical lectures.

The subject was “Decommissioning Sellafield – what does it mean for measurement & control?”. The lecture was given by Tom S Nobes F.InstMC of Sellafield Ltd.

Sellafields’ traditional role of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel will cease by 2021. The associated plants then enter the POCO (Post Operations Clean Out), decommissioning and waste management phase of their lifecycle. But what will that mean for control & instrumentation? What new measurement techniques and operational technologies will be required?

“Tom S Nobes of Sellafield Ltd discusses the implications for measurement & control on the decommissioning of the Sellafield nuclear site”.

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Proven-In-Use, and IEC61508 Perspective

On the evening of 12th June 2019, Central North-West hosted another of its monthly technical lectures. The lecture was held at Yokogawa UK (Companion Company).

The subject was “Proven In Use, and IEC61508 Perspective” and delivered by Dr Fan Ye of ESC Safety Consultants Ltd.

IEC61508 is undergoing a revision, in particular Dr Ye discussed the changes to the issue of proven-in-use. Dr Ye concentrated on software aspects of this standard.

The lecture was attended by twelve local C&I engineers and all agreed it was a well presented talk on a challenging subject.


ESC is a global engineering consultancy company whose primary function is the provision of services and solutions in supporting clients in the functional safety aspects of their processes, systems and equipment.

Dr Fan Ye discusses the revisions to IEC61508 proven-in-use.


What’s changed in ATEX

On Tuesday 26th February, Central North-West Local Section staged a monthly technical lecture “What’s changed in ATEX”. The lecture was the evening before the annual HazardEx conference, at the Holiday Inn, Runcorn. The lecture was kindly sponsored by HazardEx as part of the conference.

The lecture was given by Ron Sinclair MBE, MD of SGS-Baseefa Ltd. and covered recent changes in ATEX legislation. A key part of this was any post-BREXIT impact on the technologies. Twenty-three people attended.

Ron Sinclair, is Managing Director of the private certification body SGS-Baseefa Ltd., was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in the UK’s (United Kingdom’s) 2011 New Year’s Honour List for his services to Certification and Standards.

Ron Sinclair MBE, MD of SGS-Baseefa Ltd. discussing recent changes in ATEX legislation


Central North-West Local Section hosted another of its monthly evening lectures, this time on the subject of cyber-security.

The lecture, given by Rob Turner of Yokogawa UK was the first of three. The series will cover cyber security as a complete lifecycle. The first covered the layers of protection as defined in the IEC standards and best-practice in industry.

Thirty-two people attended the lecture in Yokogawa offices in Runcorn. Part 2 will be on 16th January and Part 3 on 20th February.

Thirty-two people attended the cyber-security lecture in Yokogawas’ offices in Runcorn


Central North-West Local Section held one of its’ monthly Technical Lectures on the evening of Wednesday 7th November, at the offices of Yokogawa UK (Companion Company)

The lecture was “The Blunt-end of Measurement & Control”, given by John Ahern of Electro-Mechanical Installations of Stockport. John is a Consultant Instrument Design Engineer in conjunction with EMI Ltd.

The lecture discussed the effects that “blunt” equipment such as thermowells, orifice plates, Venturi, wedge-meters, pitot tubes and even instrument manifolds.

Good control starts with good measurement. Modern trends have emphasised the performance of equipment such as digital transmitters and signal processing, often forgetting all such signals originate in the “blunt” equipment above. For example, errors such as +-1% are quoted in flow loops, with little understanding of the effects of varying pressure, temperature and viscosity on the errors associated with orifice plates.

The lecture was well attended and well received. You can find details of future lectures on the InstMC website under “Events” and “Local Sections”.

EMI, founded in 1967, is a specialist manufacturer of process instrumentation and associated accessories based in North West UK. The company has a 50 year proven track record supplying to the oil & gas, chemical & nuclear industries.

John Ahern for Electro-Mechanical Installations discusses the performance of thermowells, orifice plates, Venturi and pitot tubes to Central North-West Local Section

Shedding Light on Functional Safety

On Wednesday 15th November, Central-North-West Local Section staged the lecture “Shedding Light on Functional Safety Certificates”.

It was presented by Dr Hassan El-Sayed of CSA Group Test & Certification, based in Chester.

The lecture covered the accuracy and applicability of data often supplied on functional safety certificates for use in SIL rated instrument loops.

Plant operators are often in the position of having to take such data at face-value, perhaps not realising this data must be transposed into the reality of their particular application. It’s also easy to confuse the application of IEC61508 and IEC61511 and what can be claimed when using each.

Sixteen local C&I engineers attended and as always the lecture was hosted by Yokogawa UK at their offices in Runcorn.


Technical Lecture Organiser, Tom S Nobes said “Thanks to Dr El-Sayed for an interesting and challenging lecture on a complex subject. This is an often misunderstood area, often not made any easier by the way the data is presented. Thanks again to Yokogawa UK (Companion Company) for our use of their facilities.”

CSA Group certifies products against European and International Standards for explosion and functional safety, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management systems and personnel competence certification in the fields of explosion safety and environmental product installation.

Dr Hassan El-Sayed of CSA Test & Certification lecturing on “Shedding Light on Functional Safety Certificates”, for Central North-West Local Section at Yokogawa UK’s offices.



Committee Members

If you would like any information about the local section, please contact any of the people on the committee as listed below. Please also contact the committee if you have any ideas on how we can improve the local section or would like to join the committee to help.

Chair: David Green

Vice Chair: Martin Hold

Past Chair: Harvey Dearden  

Honorary Secretary: David Perry   

Honorary Treasurer: Stuart Wilson 

Program Secretary: VACANT (contact chair)

Communications Officer: Ian McLoughlin

Annual Dinner Organiser: VACANT (contact vice-chair) 

Social Events Organiser: TBC

Other Committee Members: Peter Baxendale, Stuart Blackhall, Colin Oxton, Andy Young, David Tipton, Simon Conway,  Phil Malpas, Matthew Wilcock

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