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Supporting your Professional Development


Whether to progress your career, or to be recognised as a professional, or both, you must be able to demonstrate that you are technically competent and professionally committed. Building the skills and abilities that underpin competence and commitment involves a process of ‘initial professional development’ (IPD) and subsequently maintaining that competence and commitment requires ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD).

Whatever stage you may be at, the Institute can support your development as a professional in the following ways:

Approved Training

The Institute and other professional institutions in the UK and abroad approve a number of employers’ training programmes for graduate engineers and technicians/apprentices. These programmes provide a very structured approach to, and framework for, individuals’ IPD and approval of the programmes normally signals that they meet the IPD requirements for engineer registration with the UK’s Engineering Council. You are advised to check whether your employer has an/(any) approved programmes/(s).

A list of programmes approved by the Institute can be downloaded

Self- Managed Training

If you have to plan your own development:

(i) A Professional Development Planner is available in word and in hard copy to help you and your employer plot and measure the development of your technical competence/professional commitment.

(ii) MyCareerPath, the Institute’s online professional development facility, is designed to help you plan and record activities that contribute to your competence. The system is mobile and tablet compatible and records can be assessed or added to while on-the-go.

For members pursuing registration as Chartered Engineers, Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians both of the above facilities can be aligned with the Engineering Council’s United Kingdom Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).


The Institute’s recommends that members have mentors to help them evaluate and plan the progress of their IPD. For this purpose guidelines and a pool of qualified mentors, i.e. a mentoring scheme, is available to all members.

Register of Functional Safety Engineers

Click document here (53 KB) for the Register of Functional Safety Engineers.

Continuing Professional Development

As professionals, all members are expected to be able to demonstrate that they are maintaining their competence and commitment. For engineer registration with the UK’s Engineering Council, this expectation is monitored on a random, but regular, basis. When asked to do so, you must be able to provide written records of your ongoing CPD activities, including an evaluation of how these activities have contributed to your development as a professional. Guidelines for this are available and while My Career Path can be used, you can record your activities and evaluations in whichever format you choose. The only condition is that the record and evaluation must be clear and capable of review.


MyCareerPath is InstMC’s online professional development system.

Free to use for members, it enables you to plan and log your professional and technical competence and commitment.

MyCareerPath helps you keep track of your progress, upload and store supporting documents. You can share your plans and evidence with others easily and it enhances your employability.

MyCareerPath is an ideal tool for anyone working towards all the professional member grades: Professional membership (Fellow, Member or Technician Member), Engineering Council registration (CEng, IEng or EngTech).

As individuals registered with the Engineering Council, you are expected to undertake and maintain a record of your CPD.

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