Technical Events Programme

This page gives details of our programme of meetings for the 2016-2017 season. Further information will be added as it becomes available.

If you need any additional information please contact Tom Purcell by email or 07947 476910.

Technical meetings normally take place at Eaton Electric Limited (MTL) in Luton on the last Wednesday evening of the month, commencing at 6:45 for 7:00 p.m.

Where the date, time or venue of an event is different from normal this information will be highlighted in red below.

This is a link to the page, at the bottom of which you will find a map and directions to Eaton Electric Limited (MTL).

Members and visitors are welcome at all meetings

At each technical meeting at MTL light refreshments are available 15 minutes before the start
of the meeting and the evening normally concludes with a buffet supper and informal discussion
We ask for a donation of £2 per person to help towards the cost of the buffet

26th April 2017
LIDAR - The new illuminating the past
by Andy McGrandle
This presentation will be preceded by a short AGM.

The UK topography which has traditionally been defined by teams of Ordnance Survey surveyors is now defined in great detail by a countrywide program of LIDAR laser scanning. This talk shows how this new data is acquired and what it can show us with reference to a small village in north Buckinghamshire where this modern high-resolution data is being used to illuminate long forgotten features seen on maps of the area from the late 1700’s. The LIDAR data has been commercially available for several years and was very expensive, but since December 2015 it has been on open release for anyone to download.

Andy McGrandle has worked in the oil industry since 1977 after graduating from London University with a degree in Geology. After working with US and UK based potential field geophysics companies, along with Kitty hall and Richard Gleave, he founded ARK Geophysics Ltd in 1986, which specialised in conventional potential field geophysics. In 2004 the same team founded ARKeX Ltd which focussed on airborne gravity gradiometer surveying. In 2007 he sold his shares in ARK Geophysics and two years later in 2009 he retired. 3 months of boredom ensued followed by the creation of Big Anomaly Ltd. Since 2009 he has worked on numerous interpretation projects around the world that have kept his brain ticking over and warded off the need for a bus pass. He has never been happier.