A new visual identity for the Institute


Institute of Measurement and Control New Logo

We are delighted to present our new logo. With a contemporary professional engineering look, we hope it conveys what we do and what sort of people we are. The design incorporates reference to measurement and control via the stylised scale and flow symbol motifs. The format is chosen to be clean and uncluttered, with a bold graphic that suggests an established and authoritative voice. We have changed our typeface to one with a modern image and improved legibility.

The new identity reflects feedback from members who felt our previous logo – featuring the albatross from our coat of arms - had become a little dated. Our marketing department reviewed a series of possible candidates and the Trustees and Council approved the winning design on 1 February. This is part of a wider re-branding exercise that will see changes to our website and communications over the coming months.

From 27th February, the new logo will be incorporated into all our stationery, website and promotional materials. Visitors to our head office in Gower Street will notice that our signage has also been updated. Local Sections and members of our Companion Company Scheme have been provided with proofs of the new logo and, where needed, a copy of our Visual Guidelines book. Please contact marketing@instmc.org if you need any of these materials. We’d also be interested in your feedback, which can be sent to the same email address.