Learned Society

Standards Policy Panel

The Standards Policy Panel (SPP) is responsible to the Learned Society Board of the Institute. The Institute is represented on a number of BSI committees and external bodies in furtherance of its aim to influence and promote the views of the Institute in regard to measurement and control.Within the Institute the SPP provides a forum for members who wish to participate in the development of new standards or the maintenance and updating of existing standards. The SPP aims to promote knowledge sharing relating to the measurement and control standards. The SPP are very keen to expand their services to Institute members and invite members who work with standards or wish to know more about standards, to join them or consider representing them on a BSI committee.The task of maintaining an updated list of relevant standards is an onerous one. In the past much of this work has been sponsored by industry and new sponsors are always welcome.. The SPP believe that the standards list is an important vehicle for knowledge sharing, and that the membership has a valuable contribution to make to this. By sharing with us your knowledge of standards, as everyday practitioners in the field of measurement and control, we aim to provide a valuable and high quality document for the Institute membership.What are we asking you to do?

We are asking for your help!As a practitioner you will be aware of the latest standards you are working to. Also, you may be aware of any out-of-date references within the yearbook. We ask that you submit these to the Institute via email for the attention of the SPP. If you are interested in contributing to the work carried out by the SPP, please contact the Chairman: Andy Evans Andrew.Evans@Gambica.org.uk

Members are able to download a pdf copy of the standards under development from a link embedded in their monthly newsletter and are invited to provide comments to the Institute’s representative.

Links to websites of Standards and Certifying bodies are available on this website.