Learned Society

Safety Panel

The Safety Panel (SP) is one of a number of panels and committees reporting to the Learned Society Board of the Institute, with the SP responsible for promoting the awareness and understanding of safety related topics associated with measurement and control.  The SP is the body that represents the Institute in reviewing any safety related submissions that it receives.

We invite or co-opt our membership from a wide spectrum of end users, regulators, vendors, contractors and consultants so that we may represent a broad range of interests in safety related matters.  Many SP members also belong to other professional bodies and this promotes an exchange of views and information throughout the discipline.

The SP organises conferences, workshops and seminars and we publish articles in the Institute’s Measurement+Control journal.

Our main focus is the safety related UK and European Regulations, in particular IEC 61508 and the associated sector specific standards.  All of these areas continue to develop and represent significant challenges for guidance and understanding.

We often review and comment on draft HSE publications and welcome this opportunity to add value.

How can you get in touch with the Panel?  By writing to Safety Panel Chairman c/o the Institute, or by contacting us by email.

The SP meets four times a year at Gower Street HQ.

We are actively looking for new members who are users or implementers, and preferably working in small or medium sized companies.  If you would like to be considered, please contact the Chairmanwith a brief outline, i.e. half a page maximum, of your relevant experience.

Terms of Reference

  • To provide impartial advice to the LSB on all safety related matters which fall within the LSB remit.
  • To comment on any safety related submissions received by The Institute, within the timescales agreed when the comment is requested
  • To bring relevant safety related measurement+control matters, which are not being addressed, to the attention of the LSB.
  • To liaise as appropriate with other InstMC Panels
  • To raise the profile of the InstMC by liaising with other bodies as appropriate
  • To organise conferences, workshops and seminars on safety related measurement+control topics, and to prepare papers for publication. These may be self initiated, by agreement with other Panels or Local Sections, or by co-sponsorship with other bodies where appropriate.

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