Learned Society

Measurement Science and Technology

The Measurement Science and Technology Panel, one of the "Learned Society" activities of the Institute, has the remit to promote and further the science and application of measurement, to liaise with and monitor the activities of other bodies in the field, and to organise courses, conferences, workshops and seminars. These are a means of collecting and disseminating information regarding the science and application of measurement and to consider the, commission and/or produce publications within the sphere and activity of the Panel. Such activities have a crucial importance to the continuance of the Institute's status as a nominated body of the Engineering Council.

The Panel is currently attempting to expand its activities and would welcome some guidance from the membership on what types of activities are currently required. For example conferences on "Measurement and Control on the Internet" and "Emission Control Monitoring" are currently in the early planning stages. Are these likely to be popular? If not, why not, and what will be popular? These are the kinds of questions the Panel wishes to answer.

If you would like to comment on any of the above, or any other issues relevant to the Panel, please contact the Chairman of the Panel: Keith Burnham csx167@coventry.ac.uk