Learned Society

Technical Panels

The Learned Society Board is responsible to the Executive Board of the Council of the Institute.

Terms of Reference

To direct and manage the Institute's learned society programme as defined by Council from time to time, including:
  • conferences, colloquia, seminars and exhibitions organised by LSB Panels, Local sections, other than normal monthly events, and ad hoc committees.
  • publications.
  • technical content of continuing education activities.
  • other appropriate provisions for technology transfer.
To advise and make recommendations to the Executive Board and Council on the Institute's position and actions in relation to new technical developments and relevant current issues.

To receive, consider and act upon reports from the committees and panels responsible to the Board.

To monitor and review the operations of the committees and panels responsible to the Board.

To develop and direct an appropriate programme of Learned Society events and publications with the agreement of the Finance Advisory Board.

With delegated authority in accordance with approved policy
  • to nominate suitable members of the Institute to represent the Council on other learned society bodies as required.
  • to respond on behalf of Council on matters relating to learned society activities to other bodies.
  • to create sub-committees/panels as necessary to deal with specific items.
  • to report to the Executive Board of the Institute in the first instance, and subsequently to Council.
  • to report directly to other committees of the Institute when appropriate.