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As a member of Institute of Measurement and Control you are entitled to free electronic access to the Measurement & Control Journal.

You can access this at mac.sagepub.com.MandC Cover 2013

Please follow these instructions to activate your account and to access the journal.
1. Log on to online.sagepub.com
2. Click on "My tools", and then "Manage my account"
3. Click on Activate Your Editor/Society Member Subscription
4. Enter your Customer / Membership number. This is a five digit number, such as 12345, which is also the first five numbers of your IMAC number, such as M1234599.
5. Choose Institute of Measurement and Control (IMAC) from the society drop down and click on Submit.
6. Follow the on screen instructions;

Complete parts A and B below then click SEND.
You will receive confirmation and any other necessary information via email.

If you have already activated your account, you will get access to the journal by following the link mac.sagepub.com Please sign in with your chosen username and password.

If you have forgotten your password you can use the "forgot your password" function here: online.sagepub.com/login.

An on-line version of Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control is also available on subscription. This journal covers all areas of applications in instrumentation and control and is the learned society publication of the Institute. Its scope encompasses cutting-edge research and development, education and industrial applications. Subscribers may access this at tim.sagepub.comtransactions cover

For further assistance, please contact:
Gloria Amarteifio, 
Membership Services Manager