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Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 6:30 pm
Local Section: Surrey & Sussex* UK National

Presenters: Doosan Power Systems

IMPORTANT: Pre-registration is essential for attending this event because of the need to clear the Doosan Power Systems office building security (issue of temporary passes).

Meeting Format: Technical seminar to begin at 6:45pm but Buffet available from 6:15pm.

Synopsis: This is a collaborative event and will be presented by three companies: Doosan Babcock, VEGA Controls and TC-Fluid Control. All these companies are global leaders in the field of power generation and associated instrumentation and control. The seminar is aimed at providing attendees with useful insight into the challenges of industrial measurement applications in order to further their professional development knowledge (for CPD).

Technical Coverage of the Seminar:

Drum Level ControlDP Measurement and Hydrastep Measurement Power station Steam Drum Level measurement is required for drums level Control, Burner Management System (BMS) protection and Code compliance. Drum level is both a critical and difficult measurement to make. At steady state conditions, considerable turbulence in the drum can cause the level to fluctuate. A changing rate of water inflow and steam outflow adds to the potential for measurement error.  The DP Measurement technique uses the difference in pressure between a head of water in an external reference column and the level in the drum. The density of water and steam vary appreciably with pressure, the differential pressure obtained at any given level will vary as boiler pressure changes. The Hydrastep technique detects the conductivity variation between the steam and the water. The electrode principle is an efficient system for measuring drum water levels.
Microwave: Microwave technology tackles a wide variety of applications associated with steam boilers. Non-contact or guided have the ability to measure reliably with fluctuating temperatures up to 450oC combined with pressures of up to 400 bar. Measurement is virtually unaffected by pressure & temperature changes.  Top mounting makes installation & maintenance easy. In many cases microwave transmitters provide an alternative to legacy equipment for both solids and liquids. SIL qualification & boiler approval now enables microwave technology to also be used directly on steam boilers with special modifications to compensate for saturated steam effects.
Visual/Glass & Boiler Steam: Glass level gauges are a requirement on steam boilers for visual verification of the level control system. Magnetic level gauges have many applications on and around the boiler, providing visual level indication whilst minimising potential leak paths, and can be used as an alternative to one of the glass level gauges on the boiler drum. Simple, robust technology provides a highly visible indication of process level at pressures of up to 400 bar and temperatures up to 450oC.


Contact: Richard Brown
Phone: 07732734558

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