Registered Functional Safety Engineer Registration

The Register of Functional Safety Engineers is comprised of engineers who have, through peer review, satisfied the requirements for the InstMC qualification 'Registered Functional Safety Engineer'.

These requirements include demonstration of competence and commitment:

  1. Registration with the Engineering Council as IEng/CEng (or equivalent registration within jurisdictions other than the UK) in demonstration of professional competence in accordance with UK-SPEC. This in turn is held to demonstrate underpinning knowledge and understanding (UK & U) and a commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  2. Demonstration of at least an aggregate of 3 years' diverse and direct experience in functional safety matters at a professional level.
  3. Demonstration of a comprehensive knowledge of related standards and good practice in functional safety.
  4. Demonstration of on-going (not prospective or historical), and competent engagement with functional safety matters at a professional level.
  5. Demonstration of Continuing Professional Development specific to functional safety.


The application fee is £100.00.

For UK applicants, the application fee must be paid upon submitting your application.

The subscription for annual registration is £50.00 (InstMC members).

You will be required to pay the annual subscription fee upon review and successful acceptance of your application.

Supporting Documents

To apply for registration you will need to complete and submit the following form, along with your online application.

You will also need to upload:

  • An organogram (not needed if sole practitioner)
  • A schedule of courses and qualifications
  • Attested copies of all academic and technical certificates (and academic records where appropriate)

You will be able to upload all of these supporting documents in the next stage of this application.




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