Training Courses Accreditation

The Institute can assess and approve relevant corporate or academic training courses that align with the scope of the InstMC. Such approval can be advertised in your communications media.

The InstMC accredits University engineering programmes that align with the instrumentation, measurement and control subject area.

• Accreditation provides benchmarking against other accredited programmes and provides a route to professional recognition for graduates.

• Works alongside university Quality Assurance processes to ensure that accredited programmes are continually evolving and meeting the needs of industry.

• It helps graduates: a) seek employment (Some employers require graduation from an accredited programme as minimum qualification) and b) leads to eventual registration as Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer with the Engineering Council.

• Students studying on an accredited programme have the assurance that they will acquire the skills to join the industry at a certain level.

• Helps students, their parents and advisers to choose a degree programme of the standard recognised by the engineering profession.

• Provides the opportunity for continuous improvement of institutions and educational programs.

• Advantages of professional accreditation are being recognised internationally. The UK engineering profession participates in several major international accords, within and outside Europe, which establish the equivalence of engineering and technology degrees.

• An accredited degree programme has a market advantage for educational institutions wishing to attract international students to the UK.


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Download a list of InstMC Accredited Degrees

Companion Company Scheme

An Institute membership scheme for businesses who want to raise their profile in the instrumentation, control and automation industry by increased exposure to nearly 4000 engineers.

Discounted rates are available for Companion Companies. 

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Marketing of Goods and Services

Companies and organisations can advertise at competitive rates via the Institute’s website and the following publications:


  •  Measurement + Control  a 10 issues per year Journal which is sent to all members.


  • The InstMC Year Book  an on-line trade directory, the only one in the UK dedicated to the instrumentation, control and automation industry.


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