Supporting documents


In order to successfully become a member of the InstMC , a number of documents will be required to prove applicant's professional and academic experiences. The nature and number of supporting documents will depend on the membership grade selected by the applicant. 


Membership annual fee


View a detailed list of the membership annual fees here




Once you have submitted your application, it will be assessed by independent referees, and checked by our registration staff for completeness and accuracy. This will include an audit of your formal qualifications and an assessment of your CV and supporting documentation. This validation and assessment process typically takes between 2-3 months assuming the material provided is complete.


Membership Grades Requirements


As a student working towards a degree level qualification in engineering, the InstMC is there to help you make confident decisions about your future and give you the tools to stand out amongst your peers. 

Your membership proves your commitment to engineering and gives you an edge during your studies. It doesn’t stop there though; your membership includes opportunities for support, advice, collaboration and networking that will put you on the path to success.


Anyone 18 and over with an interest in the activities of the Institute, but who has not yet achieved the relevant qualifications and experience, can become an Affiliate member.


Associate membership is normally offered to individuals who are employed in measurement and control occupations but whose levels of technical qualifications and responsibility otherwise precludes them from admission to full membership. Through the Institute they may be also eligible for registration as Engineering Technicians (EngTech) with the Engineering Council. Members registered as Engineering Technicians (EngTech) are accorded Technician Member (TInstMC).


Members (MInstMC) The Institute recognises that the automation and measurement and control industries embrace many individuals whose roles and responsibilities do not involve engineering and technology but who are nevertheless important to the industries. Applications are therefore welcome from individuals over 21 years of age who hold appropriate educational qualifications, or who have acquired acceptable professional experience, and who are working at graduate or equivalent levels of responsibility. Professional recognition as MInstMC entitles them to participate fully in all activities and affairs of the Institute and to so contribute to its future development.


Election to Fellow (FInstMC) is dependent on individuals successfully demonstrating, through technical or other roles, significant contribution to, and superior responsibility in, the industry. In view of this, candidates are expected to be over 35 years of age with more than 8 years’ acceptable professional experience, of which at least the most recent 5 years have involved responsibility in a senior corporate, or equivalent, capacity. Applications are normally required to be in writing, in keeping with a prescribed format, and are assessed via a Professional Review that, at the discretion of the Institute, may include an Interview.


Applications for Corporate and Associate Membership of the Institute and for subsequent registration with the Engineering Council, as Chartered Engineers, Incorporated Engineers or Engineering Technicians, within the provisions of EU Directive 2005/36, amended by directive 2013/55, are welcome. For further information please contact