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Committee Members

Chairman - Ian Reynolds
Ian has been a member for 20 years and recently joined the Cumbria section. He served his apprenticeship as an Instrument Artificer at ICI . He worked for some Instrument manufacturers, and is now an RE at Sellafield .

Vice-Chairman - Grant Hodgson

Grant joined the Cumbria Section Committee in 2015.  Having worked in various maintenance and electronic engineering jobs around the Sellafield site, Grant became an SL employee in 2007 where he spent 5 years in maintenance and then 5 years in System Engineering. He now works in Design.

Honorary Secretary - David Jones
Dave has been on the Cumbria Committee since 2010.  He started his career at Sellafield as a Instrument Technician Apprentice, and has moved through Maintenance Support, Pre Ops and Design before taking on his role as System Engineer Plant Wide Systems in one of the sites main priority buildings.

  Honorary Treasurer - Mike Nichols
Mike has been an active member of the Institute for the past 10 years .  For most of his career he has worked on the Sellafield Site.



Programme Secretary - Richard Lewthwaite
Richard is a Project Engineer.


Education Officer - Paul Fairclough

Just been elected Fellow of the Institute of Measurement & Control 
Currently the Higher Education & Nuclear Skills Manager for GEN II 
Section Leader for the Dept of Higher Engineering Technology (University of the Highlands – North Highland College) 
Senior Lecturer in Control Engineering 
Control Systems Engineer (Nuclear) 
Research Technician 

Previous education: 

Loughborough University 
Huddersfield University


Past Events


West Cumbria Big Bang 2018 - June 18th
Around 500 students attended Energus, Ian Reynold and Grant Hodgson manned the Institute stand this year, talking to enthusiastic potential future engineers about how instrumentation and control effect their daily lives, from pouring there co-co pops and traffic lights, to Formula One car telemetry helping teams to push their car forwards.

Gen2 Higher Education Ceremony - February 16th
The honour fell to Grant Hodgson this year to present our student of the year award.  The winner this year was Daniel Bell for his degree in Plant Engineering.


Applied Photonics

Applied Photonics Ltd is a UK company specialising in technology based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). Already involved in testing explosives with the US military, they are currently carrying out testing of dust particles in nuclear filter systems.

Contact Email -

Studsvik Waste Treatment Presentation - March 2008

The March 2008 presentation on Waste Treatment from Studsvik UK's Joe Robinson (Ceng, Cenv, MCIWEM)



Committee Position

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Ian Reynolds

Sellafield Sites Ltd
Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1PG 
019467 85670 

Grant Hodgson
01900 68400
07884 315 302


Sellafield Sites Ltd
Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1PG 
019467 77971
Honorary Secretary
David Jones

Sellafield Sites Ltd
Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1PG 
019467 84179

Honorary Treasurer 
Mike Nichols

Programme Secretary 
Richard Lewthwaite           



Education Officer 
Paul Fairclough

01228 598410                                      

GEN II Eng & Tech Training Ltd
Energus Building
Blackwood Road, Lillyhall
01900 844951