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The Cumbria section of the Institute of Measurement and Control will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on 8th June, 14:30 at the Westlakes Science Park, Whitehaven. We are keen to recruit new committee members who would like to get involved in lectures, professional and social events in the local area.

If you would like to attend, would like more information or would like to be involved in the future, please contact the local branch secretary, David Jones (david.a.jones@sellafieldsites.com Tel 019467 84179).


Cumbria Section of the Institute of Measurement and Control


The links on this site give contact details of the local Committee plus events, Lectures & Visits (past and future).

Please feel free to contact any of the local officers on this site for details of events and/or membership enquiries.

The West Cumbria branch of the Institute of Measurement and Control is proud to have links with the following companies (Click on the icon to visit the site)

logo Provider of apprentice and further training in West Cumbria

Technical and Social Events


The annual dinner this year will have Johnny Ball as the guest speaker in April following on from our exhibition day at Energus  . Johnny will also give two presentations , one in the morning to schoolchildren and the other is open to all in the afternoon.(please see coming events).

For table bookings / quotes please contact Neil Fennell


Committee Members

Chairman - Stephen Kitchen

Stephen is an Engineering Manager currently working at Sellafield Ltd

Vice-Chairman - Grant Hodgson
Grant joined the West Cumbria Section Committee in 2015.  having done various maintenance and Electronic Engineering jobs around the Sellafield Site, grant became an SL maintenance Engineer in 2007 and is now a System Engineer

Honorary Secretary - David Jones
Dave has been on the West Cumbria Committee since 2010.  He started his career at Sellafield as a Instrument Technician Apprentice, and has moved through Maintenance Support, Pre Ops and Design before taking on his role as System Engineer Plant Wide Systems in one of the sites main priority buildings.

  Honorary Treasurer - Mike Nichols
Mike has been an active member of the Institute for the past 10 years .For most of his career he has worked on the Sellafield Site..


Programme Secretary - Alistair Norwood
Alistair is an active member of the Committee and organises most of the lectures , events and parties . Alistair is also a local Conservative Councillor .


Membership Promotion Officer - Neil Fellell
Neil moved to West Cumbria in 1984, joining the then Albright & Wilson in Whitehaven, and was immediately roped into being active with local section activities and assisting with the annual dinner organisation. In 1992 he reached the pinnacle, being named committeee chairman where he served for 6 years (1992-1998). In 2008 he was re-elected, stating in his own words, "hopefully not for another 6 years!!!". Currently employed at Sellafield Ltd (since 2001) Neil works on Engineering Safety and Lifetime Plan Production.



LAEI Rep - George Ellison
George joined the Institute (then The Society of Instrument Technology) in 1964. He has been an active member of the committe for over 40 years and held several posts, including 6 years as Chairman of the West Cumbria Section and, since retiring from BNFL in 2006, he has been more active at Head Office in London. In 2007 he joined the Membership Committee where he helps assess and interview new applications for membership. In 2008 he was asked to chair the SSRB (Standards and Systems Review Board) and to become a Vice President.

Young Technology Officer - Paul Fairclough

Just been elected Fellow of the Institute of Measurement & Control 
Currently the Higher Education & Nuclear Skills Manager for GEN II 
Section Leader for the Dept of Higher Engineering Technology (University of the Highlands – North Highland College) 
Senior Lecturer in Control Engineering 
Control Systems Engineer (Nuclear) 
Research Technician 

Previous education: 

Loughborough University 
Huddersfield University


Past Events


Applied Photonics

Applied Photonics Ltd is a UK company specialising in technology based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). Already involved in testing explosives with the US military, they are currently carrying out testing of dust particles in nuclear filter systems.

Contact Email - mail@appliedphotonics.co.uk

Studsvik Waste Treatment Presentation - March 2008

The March 2008 presentation on Waste Treatment from Studsvik UK's Joe Robinson (Ceng, Cenv, MCIWEM)



Committee Position

Home Contact

Business Contact

Steven Kitchen

28 Highfields 
CA28 6TQ 
01946 694729

Sellafield Sites Ltd
Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1PG 
019467 85670


LAEI Representative

George Ellison
  1. 21 Woodstock Lane 
    CA28 7BH 
    01946 691500


Honorary Secretary
David Jones
  1. Gordon Street  
    CA14 2EN
    01900 608308


Sellafield Sites Ltd
Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1PG 
019467 84179


Honorary Treasurer 
Mike Nichols

14 Inkerman Terrace 
CA28 7TY
01946 590149

Education Officer 
Paul Fairclough

75 Walkmill Crescent 
01228 598410

GEN II Eng & Tech Training Ltd
Energus Building
Blackwood Road, Lillyhall
01900 844951                                      Paul.Fairclough@gen2training.co.uk

Membership Promotion Officer 
Neil Fennell 

1 Standings Rise 
Whitehaven, Cumbria 
CA28 6SX 
01946 692924


Programme Secretary
Alistair Norwood

36 Elizabeth Cres 
Bay Vista 
CA28 6JQ 
01946 591267 

Sellafield Sites Ltd
Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1PG
019467 85346



Social Secretary 
Terry Ponting
Rheda Park 
Frizington, Cumbria 
CA26 3TE 
01946 813421

Whitehaven Development Co
Market Place 
Whitehaven, Cumbria 
01946 592933