About Us

Get more from your Institute Membership - engage with the local Wessex Section.....

  • Attend technical seminars
  • Participate in profession related visits
  • Meet new and established Members along with other practising engineers and suppliers
  • Help inspire the young to join our profession
  • Maintain your Continuing Professional Development - CPD
  • Get involved, be part of your Institute
  • For more information contact:  alan.franks@instmc.org

Seminars, Visits & Social Events


  • Wessex Seminar programme endeavours to reflect the interests of its members and their CPD requirements
  • Members and visitors are welcome
  • Your suggestions are important to ensure we cover a wide range of interests contact:  andrew.hudson@instmc.org
  • Next Seminar TBC:
    • Date:  06 June 2018
    • Subject:   Cyber Security
    • Pesenter, Location & Detail:  TBA
  • Planned Seminar TBC:
    • Date:  19 Sep 2018
    • Subject:  TBA
    • Presenter, Location & Detail:  TBA
  • Previous 2018 Seminar:
    • Date: 07 March 2018
    • Subject: An Overview of Level Measurement Technologies
    • Presenter:  Gordon Lindsay, ABB
    • Location: The Forest Lodge Hotel, Lyndhurst SO43 7AS



  • Visits are organised when appropriate opportunities arise.  
  • Typically these will be plant operations, suppler manufacturing works, education facilities etc. evenings preferred, 1 to 2 hours duration and nominally 20 attendees 
  • Your suggestions invited contact:  alan.franks@instmc.org
  • Planned Visit TBC:
    • Date:  12 July 2018
    • Visit:  TBA
    • Location & Detail:  TBA

Social Events.....

  • The section organises Social Events throughout the year including in   previous years Dinner Dances, Golf Days, Social Dinners etc
  • These serve  as opportunities to meet and socialise with other members, engineers, academics, suppliers etc 
  • They enable the Section to raise funds to support the Institutes activities in the area
  • The Section also makes donations to local charities including Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Oakhaven Hospital Trust
  • Next 2018 Event
  • Date:  15 June 2018
  • Event:  Annual Golf Day
  • Location:  Wellow Golf club, East Wellow, Romsey SO51 6BD
  • Note currently fully reserved



Wessex Section Committee & Meetings

Wessex Section has an elected Committee to organise Institute activities in the area. An AGM is held in January/February followed by the first of a further three committee meetings throughout the year.

These are open meetings, members and guests are encouraged to  participate.  Whilst the Section is centred on Southampton we are keen to involve remote support via Skype.

Contact:  alan.franks@instmc.org

Wessex Section Committee 2018

Alan Lawes

            Chairman                                             Alan Franks 

            Vice Chairman                                     Nigel Bushrod (Past Chairman) 

            Secretary                                             Vacant (Covered by Andy Leagas)

            Treasurer                                             Alan Lawes

            Seminars                                             Andy Hudson

            Visits                                                  Vacant (Covered by Graham Dunkley)

            Education                                           Cevn Vibert

            Website & Data Protection                Vacant (Covered by Alan Franks)

            Social                                                 Vacant

            Committee Member                           Andy Leagas

            Committee Member                           Graham Dunkley (Past Chairman)

            Committee Member                           Andy Hunt

            Committee Member                           Vacant


Committee Meetings 2018

26Feb’18                  AGM & Committee Mtg               Wellow Golf Club

14Jun’18                  Committee Mtg                              TBA

03Oct’18                  Committee Mtg                              TBA


Wessex Diary 2018

26Feb’18                  AGM & Committee Mtg               Wellow Golf Club

22Feb’18                  SETA Apprentice Event                 SETA

07Mar’18                 Seminar - Overview of Level       Forest Lodge Hotel

                                 Measurement Technologies

06Jun’18                  Seminar - Cyber Security              TBA

14Jun’18                  Committee Mtg                             TBA

15Jun’18                  Annual Golf day                            Wellow Golf Club

12Jul’18                    Visit TBA                                     TBA

26Jul’18                    SETA Apprentice Awards            TBA

19Sep’18                  Seminar - TBA                              TBA

03Oct’18                  Committee Mtg                              TBA

13Oct’18                  Social Dinner                                 TBA

05Dec’18                  Brockenhurst STEM Awards        TBA