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Past Events


Conference Presentations

Date: 02 September 2011
Conference: Keynote Lecture, IMEKO TC13, Jena 
Speaker: Prof. Ron Summers
Title: Progress on Measurement in Biology & Medicine: Multiscale Systems Engineering
The theme for this keynote presentation is one of change; it recognises the paradigm  shift  from  treating  "illness" to  promoting  "wellness" while  at  the  same time  reporting  the  need  for  a  multidisciplinary  multiscale  systems  approach  to  the representation of physiological attributes and behaviour. Embryonic development of the cardiac cush‐ions that eventually become the heart valve flaps is used as a case study to illustrate the utility of the multiscale systems engineering approach. Watch the video.
Date: 02 September 2011
Conference:14th Joint International IMEKO TC1 + TC7 + TC13 Symposium, Jena
Speaker: Ryan Imms
Title: Multimodal Simulation of the Phage Lambda Decision Cycle
A model of the lysis-lysogeny decision cycle of the Phage-λ virus has been re-implemented using standard engineering tools. The model is based on previous systems biology-based work and is constructed using the biological knowledge of the protein signalling networks within the virus. It explores how the emergent effects from the protein interactions produce the observed lysis-lysogeny behaviour. The software tools used (LabVIEW and MATLAB) were chosen as they do not require specialised biochemical knowledge and have a wide industrial user base. This modelling is done as part of Project Fallot at Loughborough University, which is producing multiscale models of congenital heart disease. Part of this research requires a model of Delta-Notch protein signalling. Comment is made on the applications of the implemented modelling technique for modelling of Delta Notch protein signalling in cells

Invited Talks

Date: 22 Febraury 2011
Title: The US NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering: A Response from National Instruments 
Speaker: Hannah Wade, National Instruments
Brief Synopsis
The US National Academy of Engineering produced a report in 2008 that provided 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering. In her talk, Hannah will identify these 14 challenges and indicate the role that products and services from National Instruments – such as LabView – provide in response to the gauntlet that has been thrown down. She will present detailed case studies for some of these challenges and leave the audience with an indication on how they themselves might get involved in the provision of enabling solutions.
Date: 17 March 2011
Title: From Briges to Bras!
Speaker: John Tyrer, Loughborough University 
Brief Synopsis
How do you measure something without touching it? Light is now used as the basis of many measurement standards - we define the metre from the distance light travels in a fixed amount of time, yet most measurement methods rely on physical contact. Why not cut out the middle man and use light to make the measurement? In this broad ranging talk John Tyrer will present a range of different applications in which light is used as the principle of measurement.