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takes place on Thursday 29 October,2015
Wellcome Collection
83 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE
Professor Sarah Spurgeon, OBE, President of the Institute, will be presenting her paper on:
Systems and Control Theory: A Societal Perspective’
(Further details from Peter Martindale, Chief Executive, InstMC – )

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Roles & objectives

New and Old

The science of measurement is very old and has advanced steadily in the precision with which measurements may be made and by a variety and sophistication of the methods available. Since the early 20th century the rate of advance has been very rapid, in particular stimulated by the needs of industry. Control engineering has a much more recent origin; with the advent of the complex requirements, such as those of the process and aerospace industries, there has been a veritable explosion of new theory and application during the last 50 years. In this period there has been a correspondingly rapid increase in the number of people working in these fields.


The theory and application of measurement and control characteristically require a multi-disciplinary approach and so do not fit into any of the single disciplinary professional institutes.

Bringing People Together

The Institute brings together thinkers and practitioners from the many disciplines which have a common interest in measurement and control. It organises meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and national and international conferences on a large number of topics. It has a very strong level of local section activity, providing opportunities for interchange of experience and for introducing advances in theory and application.

Qualifying Role

It provides qualifications in a rapidly growing profession and is one of the few Chartered Engineering institutions which has long welcomed and qualified Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians as well as Chartered Engineers.


In its members' journal, "Measurement and Control", the Institute publishes practical technical articles, product and business news and information on technical advances; the activities of the Institute, its members and the engineering profession in general are reported.

In addition the Institute provides a whole range of learned and other publications which are described later in this section.

Royal Charter

The objects of the Institute, expressed in the Royal Charter, are:

"To promote for the public benefit, by all available means, the general advancement of the science and practice of measurement and control technology and its application."

You may download the Royal Charter and the Bye Laws here: icon Royal Charter Revised 2009 (983.5 kB)

To further its objects the Institute acts as a qualifying body, conferring membership only on those whose qualifications comply with the Institute’s standards. It acts as a Learned Society by disseminating and advancing the knowledge of measurement and control and its application at all levels. It is the academic and professional body for the profession, requiring members to observe a code of conduct.

National Measurement System

The National
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